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What to expect from a dinkyheart newborn session...

Welcoming a new baby into your life is an utterly magical and life changing experience. I understand how important these first days are, how quickly your little one changes and develops, and how important capturing all of these early stages are. I therefore endeavor to capture and document your first days with your little one in a calm, natural, relaxed session in your home.

So with a week of maternity sessions ahead of me I thought I'd share my thoughts on how to choose your newborn photographer and what to expect from a newborn photography session with dinkyheart photography.

How to choose a newborn photographer

Its extremely important that you spend some time looking through potential photographers galleries, a photographer will have a particular style that they shoot in and it really is key that you like their images and their approach.

I, for example, shoot in quite a natural style, usually in your home, capturing the more 'everyday' type images of those first few days. My images aren't very staged and I don't use props. I shoot in a very similar style as I apply to my family photography which is natural, relaxed and genuine.

There are many other photographers however, that use posing, props and lighting, often in a studio environment. This approach creates an equally beautiful but very different set of images and so you need to be sure of what you are after, before hiring your photographer to document your newborn.

Once you've decided on the style you're looking for get in touch with your favourite photographers, its so important that you like and build a rapport with your photographer, they will be documenting such an iconic and emotional time in your families life, its vital that you feel comfortable with them.

I offer a maternity to newborn package which I find works really well for me and my clients, as I get to know all about mummy and daddy before the little one arrives and more importantly they get to know me, meaning the newborn shoot is relaxed and stress free.

So if you decide that dinkyheart photography is the right choice for you, what should you expect from the newborn session?

A newborn photo session with dinkyheart photography will take place in your home, either within the first 12 days of your little ones arrival or after about 8 weeks of their arrival. These specific time frames may seem a bit odd, however I've found that they are best for great results.

Within 12 days your little one will still be very sleepy, teeny tiny, less fussy about being moved and held and generally still have that newborn look.

After this time your little one becomes more and more aware, is awake more often and develops more of a routine, therefore only wanting to be held when and by whom they choose ;)

I've found both babies and mummies find this more stressful and therefore I prefer (if we miss the initial 12 day time frame) to wait until the little one is a little older, around 8 weeks is a lovely age, baby has filled out a bit, responds beautifully to their parents voices and interacts, producing beautiful photos when sleeping and awake.

Prior to the session and before the little one even arrives we will pencil in an approximate date which we will confirm nearer the time and again after your little one has arrived. We will discuss ideas for images that you may have, any worries or concerns and a general over view of the session. You can then completely forget about the session calm in the knowledge that it will be pretty easy and enjoyable for you.

On the actual day of the session you should feed and sooth the little one as usual, try not to alter your routine too much, I allow 2-3 hours for the session to ensure we have plenty of time for feeding, changing and settling. The room should be warm and cozy and baby should be either dressed or undressed according to how you want them for the initial pics. If you have a couple of outfits set aside I can help you select which ones will work best.

When I arrive I will have a little scout around your home for the best light and locations and then when you are ready we will set to work.

Again I can't stress enough, babies are anything but predictable, we really do have all the time in the world to get these pictures, so if you or your little one need to break for any reason we will, I love a rest and a cuppa between shots ;)

Your digital files will be ready 3-4 weeks after the session at which point you can decide if you'd like to buy any prints or photo books, I can advise you on this. Otherwise you're free to print and share your pics as you like :)

I hope this post has been informative and relieves any worries that you expectant mamas may have. A newborn session really is enjoyable and results in images that you are sure to treasure forever.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch and don't forget to sign up to my newsletter for more information and offers.

Lianne xox

Here's a little slide show example of what you can expect from a dinkyheart newborn session in your home. Enjoy :)

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