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Jessie & Jake

When Jessie first contacted me I just knew we were a match. Her love for travel and adventure had me hooked from the start and her visions for her maternity session were totally inline with mine.

Jessie and her husband Jake were living in London at the time and hoping to fit in their maternity session during their stop over in Dubai, on their way back to New Zealand, where they are both from and having the baby - see I told you they loved to travel!

Jessie had always dreamt of a desert maternity shoot. Travelling in May though, when temps are already in the mid to high 30s we thought it may not work out, but as luck would have it a sandstorm on our scheduled date brought overcast skies and an amazing breeze meaning it was perfect for our rescheduled session the next afternoon.

It was such a joy to photograph Jessie and Jake, listening to their excitement at the arrival of their baby boy and their hopes for their little family of three. Their plans to travel and explore the world is inspiring and I can't wait to follow their journey into parenthood and beyond.

So as they patiently await the arrival of their new love, due today (!!) here are a few, ok lots, of my faves from their sessions xox

P.S if you want to follow along with their journey check out their pages at

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